1. WE DID IT! #socialnorm

  2. Murray Hill by Cameron Nunez

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  3. sxeworldwide:

    Straight edge photographer and filmmaker Cameron Nunez has launched a documentary project on tattoo culture, entitled Social Norm.

    The Kickstarter project is only $800 off target with 3 days left - check out the trailer video and pick up some prizes!

    On another note, if this goes through, we’ll have a t-shirt and an 8x10 art print to give away….


    My project got featured on www.straightedgeworldwide.com and they were kind enough to post it on tumblr AS WELL as donate a really decent amount of money to Kickstarter. Really amazing that such a cool site would promote my project! I am 75% funded! Still have to raise $800 by Tuesday at 4:30pm!

  4. Death Before Dishonor at Southeast Beast by Cameron Nunez

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  5. laprasrider asked: Yo did you get any pics or videos from day one?

    I sadly did not. Was 1 of about 5 cameras in production for day 2 so I chilled out a bit and just enjoyed the show on day 1. There will be a video posted soon by Joe Karably featuring select bands from Southeast so be on the lookout for that!

  6. Ringworm at Southeast Beast by Cameron Nunez

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  7. 2 weeks to go and just a little under 10% funded!

    Even if I don’t successfully fund my kickstarters I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed whether through donation or even through passing around all my updates, it is so awesome how generous and supportive everyone has been and I do sincerely appreciate it. If you haven’t checked it out yet and wanna take a look you can keep updated on all progress here ———-> Social Norm

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  8. How to make negatives from FP-100 film!

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  9. Just got a test print in today!

  10. Kickstarters for Social Norm is up! Check it out!